Can People With Asthma Play Sports?

Can People With Asthma Play Sports?

People of all ages can play sports with asthma as long as their asthma is managed and under control.  It is important to talk to your doctor before engaging in athletic activities if you’ve been diagnosed with asthma.

Which Sports Are Best For People With Asthma?

Some sports are less strenuous than others and therefore pose less of a risk to those that struggle with breathing normally on their own.  Golf, yoga and gentle biking are less likely to trigger and asthma attack than a more intense running sport like basketball.  Baseball, football and gymnastics are also good options.

Sports with long distance running or endurance sports like soccer or basketball can be challenging for those with asthma and should be avoided if possible.  If you truly enjoy these sports, you can make it work, but you would need to ensure your medication and training are solid before participating in these types of sporting activities.

How Can I Manage Asthma?

To keep your asthma under control, it is important to consult with your physician and to take your medication as prescribed. Skipping medication can make symptoms worse and limit the ability for one to participate in athletic events.  It is also good to keep triggers in mind, such as high pollen or mold count days.

You should also carry your medication with you at all times in case of any emergency.  It’s good to have an asthma action plan so you are prepared in the event that your breathing becomes out of control.