Damar Hamlin Recovery: Bills Safety Tweets His Reaction to Team’s Win over Patriots

Damar Hamlin Recovery: Bills Safety Tweets His Reaction to Team’s Win over Patriots


Damar Hamlin, the Bills safety who collapsed during a game against Cincinnati last week, seems to be recovering from his cardiac arrest. The 24-year-old football player posted on social media over the weekend, including images of himself sitting up in his hospital bed watching NFL games. 

Hamlin’s collapse brought about an outpouring of support from fans and viewers, as people watched on in disbelief while medical personnel attended to the young player on the field. Thankfully, he appears to be recovering well after immediate medical attention and a weeklong stint in the intensive care unit. 

Hamlin Reacts to Bills’ Victory

Hamlin posted a reaction on social media to his team, the Buffalo Bills, besting the New England Patriots on Sunday. The game was the Bills’ final outing of the regular season and solidifies them as major players in the postseason. Hamlin was stunned by his team’s performance and, clearly, a bit saddened that he couldn’t be there with them.

Still, the team has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Chief among them is the fact that Hamlin himself will probably be okay after his chilling on-field cardiac arrest. The young safety’s health was the team’s top priority, and it’s encouraging to see him posting his support for the Bills on social media. 

Bills Support Hamlin

Fans of the team have offered a heartwarming outpouring of support for Hamlin in the days since his collapse. Fans at the Bills game on Sunday could be seen holding up signs referencing Hamlin’s now-famous statement when he awoke from his collapse: ”Did we win?”

Fans are of the opinion that “we all won” since Hamlin is expected to make a full recovery from his cardiac arrest. The young safety’s dedication to his team and the fans that have supported him has become one of the most wholesome stories to come out of the NFL this season.

What Happened?

Hamlin’s shocking on-field collapse happened after he tackled a Bengals player, resulting in an odd strike to his lower chest. The impact seems to have caused an arrhythmia that stopped Hamlin’s heart. Athletic trainers and medical personnel were able to reach Hamlin within seconds of his collapse, administering immediate emergency medical attention. 

He was then rushed off the field in an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital. He’s been there ever since, receiving medical care and recovering from his frightening collapse. Now, with the Bills slated to make a deep run in the postseason and Hamlin expected to be on his feet soon, Bills fans have more than a few reasons to celebrate.