NFL Announces International Series for 2022, Five Games Scheduled

NFL Announces International Series for 2022, Five Games Scheduled


We’ve been here before, but everything old is new again. The NFL is certain that the international community will embrace American football, so the League has five international games slated for 2022.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off in Munich, Germany, on November 13. This will be the first regular-season NFL game held in Germany, and sports fans are expected to fill the Allianz Arena. 

There will be several other teams squaring off in Europe this year. The Vikings and the Saints will face off in London on October 2, while the Giants and the Packers will hold a match in the same stadium on October 9. The Broncos and the Jags will meet each other in Wembley Stadium on October 30, and the 49ers and Cardinals will see each other in Mexico City on November 21.

Why Focus on International Games?

American football has never been a huge sport in Europe. European audiences are much more likely to watch soccer or rugby games than American football.

However, the sport has enjoyed a small but intense fanbase, especially in the UK and Germany, for decades. The NFL ran a short-lived European League between 1991 and 2007, to varying degrees of success. The European League of Football, which had its first season in 2021, is the latest professional football league operating on the continent.

The NFL is certain that Europe is an untapped market due to data from televised games and the turnout for its other international exhibitions. American football is one of the most popular American sports in Europe, behind only basketball.

Despite the pressures that make American football an odd fit for European audiences, the NFL continues to push for its international games to take place on the continent.

Historic Firsts 

This season’s international league games are full of historic firsts. The Seahawks and Buccaneers will play the first NFL game in Germany, which is expected to draw a large crowd if only for the novelty of the event. Green Bay will be the last NFL team to play its first game in London in its match against the Giants. 

The games are expected to draw even larger crowds this year as Europe’s lockdown measures are largely a thing of the past. While American football might still be a niche interest in Europe, that won’t stop the NFL from using its international games as a great way to drum up interest from an untapped market.