NFL Week One: Get Ready for the Season to Kick Off

NFL Week One: Get Ready for the Season to Kick Off


The first week of the NFL season is upon us, and there are some serious fireworks ahead for fans of professional football. The first game will be the Dallas Cowboys facing down with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and fans are excited to see how the game shapes up.

The Buccaneers are no joke. Their quarterback is longtime star Tom Brady, the man with the most Super Bowl rings in football history. They’re fresh off of a Super Bowl win, too, so you know the team is ready to rip up the gridiron. The Cowboys’ chances don’t look great, either: they’ve got six players out on the injured list ahead of the game, meaning they’re fighting an uphill battle against the NFL’s biggest team to beat.

Cowboys Will Be Fighting Uphill

The Cowboys are missing their star right guard, Zack Martin, going into the game. This is terrible for the Dallas team, as they’re heavily relying on Martin to be an anchor throughout the season. Dak Prescott, the team’s quarterback, isn’t in great form, at least on paper. Prescott hasn’t handled the ball for almost a year, and he’s fresh off of some serious season-ending injuries from last year.

Suffice it to say, for a starter, the Cowboys have their hands full. A rusty QB, down his best offensive lineman, into one of the best defenses in football, all in the sweltering Florida heat? If the Cowboys pull this win off, it’ll be one for the history books.

While Tom Brady suffered an injury back in February, he’s known to be one of the most dependable players in football, so it’s unlikely this has slowed him down at all.

Jaguars Battle the Texans

Later this week, Jacksonville will clash with Houston in Texas. This one is much more of a toss-up. Good luck to anyone who’s looking to draft players from these teams for a fantasy league, as they’re looking odd across the board. The Jags’ coach, Urban Meyer, has been at the center of consistent controversy since he was hired.

The Texans, meanwhile, are in a very weird spot. They’re in a rebuild that would be going much more smoothly if they could offload Deshaun Watson, but Watson’s in the middle of a very tricky legal situation right now that makes trading him an impossibility. Watson isn’t the team’s starting QB this season: instead, they’re going with Tyrod Taylor.

Cleveland Plays the Chiefs

Another week-one game to watch will be the battle between the Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Chiefs beat the Browns in the postseason back in January, it was a costly victory: Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ golden boy quarterback, suffered an injury in that game. When the Super Bowl rolled around and Mahomes was once again on the receiving end of serious punishment, the Chiefs’ management decided to trade every single player on the offensive line.

It turns out that offensive linemen are supposed to prevent the QB from getting sacked, apparently. We’ll find out on Sunday whether this brand-new offensive line does what KC needed to see back during the Super Bowl.