Patriots Explain Decision to Cut Cam Newton for Mac Jones

Patriots Explain Decision to Cut Cam Newton for Mac Jones


Cam Newton, the longtime NFL player who was set to be the New England Patriots’ starting quarterback, has been released from the team. This has sent shockwaves through the football world because it means that for the first time since 1993, the Patriots will be starting a rookie QB on their roster.

Suffice it to say, for a team that is known as an enduring sports dynasty, this is a huge gamble. Training camps and pre-season games are all well and good, but they’re hardly like the pressure of the regular season. The QB spot is under immense pressure, and even minor mistakes in major games can turn a victory into a defeat. So, what possessed the Pats to cut Newton and go with newcomer Mac Jones?

Patriots’ Staff Explains Reasoning

The Patriots’ offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, explained the team’s reasoning in cutting Newton in favor of Jones. “He really works hard. He puts a lot of time into it. He’s been well prepared each day to come in and do the things that we ask our guys to do,” McDaniels noted while speaking to reporters via a video conference. “He’s learned how to operate what we’ve asked him to operate so far fairly well, and he’s improved. And he continues to make progress.”

“He’s generally taken care of the football and he’s given the other 10 guys on the field an opportunity to do their job effectively and produce positive plays,” the offensive coordinator continued. McDaniels went on to explain that the team feels as though Jones still has a lot of work to do when it comes to his confidence on the field and his overall experience in the high-pressure spot as QB.

Quick Learner

The Patriots’ staff has referred to Jones as being a fast learner, and a player who isn’t afraid to admit to his mistakes and try to correct them as he goes. McDaniels noted that Jones is on the right team to learn the ropes in a hurry: “He’s got a lot of veteran players that he can look to as great examples for how to approach being a NFL football player.”

McDaniels went on to explain that Jones is a student of the game, studying videos, reports, and sports science to make himself a better player at every turn. Indeed, Jones impressed during the pre-season: he never handed the ball to the other team, and he looked calm and collected in the pocket. As most football fans will tell you, the most important thing for a QB is nerves of steel.

Some fans are nervous, however, that the team is trusting a rookie in such a major sport on the team. The NFL is a tough place to be learning lessons on the fly when you’re essentially the team’s offensive leader. However, the Patriots organization seems convinced that Jones is the right guy for the job, and they’ve put immense trust in him and immense responsibility on his shoulders this season. It’s up to Jones to prove whether he’s really ready for the spotlight.