Reid Detmers Throws Second No-Hitter of 2022 MLB Season

Reid Detmers Throws Second No-Hitter of 2022 MLB Season


The Los Angeles Angels’ 22-year-old pitcher Reid Detmers made history on Tuesday when he pitched the second no-hitter of the 2022 MLB season against the Tampa Bay Rays. The impressive outing wasn’t just a solo affair, though: Detmers only recorded two of the 27 outs he needed through a strikeout. The remaining 25 were all handled by his fielders, though it was Detmer’s impressive control and pitch placement that made such feats of defensive athleticism possible.

Detmers recorded 11 outs on the ground, keeping the ball low and right in front of the Angels’ all-star defense. The remaining 14 outs came via the air, and Detmer never let the ball leave the oppositions’ bats much faster than 90 miles per hour.

This impressive showing kept the usually-active Rays offense quiet throughout the night and made history for the young 22-year-old.

Reid Detmers

Detmers was the tenth overall pick in the 2020 draft, and he’s since proved himself in the Majors. However, Tuesday’s game was his first major chance to shine.

Previously, Detmers had never thrown more than six innings in a single game. He took a 5.32 earned run average into the no-hitter, marking him as a strong prospect. Following his exemplary showing, he’s one of the Angels’ biggest stars.

The Rays’ outfielder Brett Phillips reached base on an error by the Angels’ first basemen Jared Walsh. That was the only runner for the Rays, as Detmers continued to pitch flawlessly throughout nine innings. Detmer noted that he barely remembers the game, stating “I just blacked out.”

Making History

Notably, Detmer’s no-hitter is only the third complete game of the season thrown by a single pitcher. It’s also the Angels’ first solo no-hitter since Jered Weaver pulled off the feat in 2012.

I don’t know if it has really sank [sic] in yet,” said Detmers after the game. “It is something I have always dreamed of. I can’t even process it right now.”

The only other no-hitter thrown so far in this season of baseball came on April 29, when five Mets pitchers combined their efforts to put the Philadelphia Phillies away without a single hit across nine innings. 

Most teams have tried to keep their pitchers’ field time limited this season. The Spring Training season was shortened this year due to a labor dispute between players and owners, so coaches are going out of their way to safeguard their talented pitching staff. Detmer’s 108 pitches Tuesday night is the fifth-highest pitch count of the 2022 season so far.