Report: 15 Women Accuse Washington Redskins’ Former Employees of Sexual Misconduct

Report: 15 Women Accuse Washington Redskins’ Former Employees of Sexual Misconduct


Fifteen women who previously worked for the Washington Redskins have alleged sexual misconduct by former executives of the organization, the Washington Post first reported Thursday. Among those accused, three have parted ways with the franchise within the past week.

Team Execs Accused of Sexual Harassment & Verbal Abuse

The female ex-staffers named several executive members who were considered part of owner Dan Snyder’s “inner circle.” There are no allegations against Snyder or former general manager Bruce Allen, who was fired in 2019.

Former employees accused of sexual harassment and verbal abuse:

  • Alex Santos – director of pro personnel
  • Richard Mann II – assistant director of pro personnel
  • Larry Michael – radio play-by-play announcer and senior vice president
  • Dennis Greene – president of business operations
  • Mitch Gershman – chief operating officer

According to ESPN, the allegations of sexual harassment and toxic workplace culture spanned from 2006 to 2019. Of the 15 women who brought the accusations, all but one spoke to the Washington Post on the condition of anonymity. Many of the women had signed nondisclosure agreements with the team and fear legal pushback.

“These matters as reported are serious, disturbing, and contrary to the NFL’s values,” the NFL said in a statement. “Everyone in the NFL has the right to work in an environment free from any and all forms of harassment.”

The NFL also stated that the organization hired outside counsel “to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations.”

“The club has pledged that it will give its full cooperation to the investigator and we expect the club and all employees to do so. We will meet with the attorneys upon the conclusion of their investigation and take any action based on the findings,” the statement added.

The Specific Allegations Against Former Execs

The following accusations have been made against the team’s former executives:

  • Alex Santos: accused by six former employees and two reporters of commenting about their bodies and making unsolicited “overtures.”
  • Richard Mann II: allegedly shared with a female employee his conversation with other colleagues concerning whether she had undergone breast enlargement surgery.
  • Dennis Greene: accused of encouraging members of the staff to wear revealing outfits and flirt with suit-holders.
  • Mitch Gershman: Emily Applegate, the only woman named in the original report, claimed that Gershman verbally abused her over minor issues and complimented her body.
  • Larry Michael: was accused by seven former employees of “routinely speaking” about their physical appearance in a belittling and sexual manner.

“The Washington Redskins football team takes issues of employee conduct seriously,” the team said. “While we do not speak to specific employee situations publicly when new allegations of conduct are brought forward that are contrary to these policies, we address them promptly.”

In addition, Washington’s first-year head coach Ron Rivera said he would play a major part in changing the team’s culture.

“Biggest thing is that we have to move forward from this and make sure everybody understands we have policies that we will follow and that we have an open-door policy with no retribution,” Rivera said. “Plus, my daughter works for the team, and I sure as hell am not going to allow any of this!”

D.C. Attorney Hired to Represent Washington Organization

As a result, the team has hired D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson of Wilkinson Walsh LLP. She will review the organization’s culture, policies and allegations of workplace misconduct.

Wilkinson represented the NFL in a lawsuit that challenged the league’s Sunday Ticket Package. She’s also represented the NCAA and MLB in class action lawsuits. Both cases were successful.

Additionally, she assisted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in addressing the sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

Possible New Names for Washington’s Football Team

The sexual misconduct allegations come on the heels of the announcement Monday that the team would be retiring its nickname and logo. The team made the decision after a thorough review that began on July 3.

Since the announcement, fans on social media have been speculating and suggesting new names for D.C.’s NFL team. The Red Wolves and Red Tails are leading the pack. Fans are so excited for the name change, several have designed mockup logos and uniforms.

“Much of the most recent discussion among fans and prognosticators has revolved around nicknames that begin with ‘Red’ such as Red Wolves or Red Tails,” USA Today Sports reported.

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