Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Says WR Antonio Brown Deserves Another Chance

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Says WR Antonio Brown Deserves Another Chance

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Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson believes former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown deserves another shot in the NFL. In fact, the Super Bowl champ is crossing his fingers that Brown will be on the receiving end of his perfectly thrown passes in a matter of weeks.

Wilson Advocates Brown’s Return to the NFL

On Thursday, Wilson spoke with the media a day after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Seahawks were interested in signing Brown after his suspension ends at the conclusion of Week 8. Wilson advocated that Brown be given a second chance to play football in the NFL.

“I think Antonio definitely has taken those steps [in the right direction], and like I said, nobody’s perfect. From the conversations I’ve had with him, he’s really been remorseful and he’s been humbled along the way,” Wilson said. “Like I said, I pray that he can continue to grow, just like anybody.”

Wilson, who has lobbied for Seattle to sign Brown both publicly and privately, has gotten to know the disgruntled wide receiver over the last four or five years. Not only did the two work out together over the summer at Wilson’s home in San Diego, Brown is close friends with Wilson’s backup Geno Smith.

Brown Can Still Compete at a High Level

The Seahawks’ quarterback believes Brown, who made a name for himself as a Pittsburgh Steeler, “is one of the best players to play” the game of football.

“I think that he has always been a special player in terms of [on] the field. The reality with Antonio is, he’s had some tough moments in his life… I think he’s gone through a lot of things he wishes he could take back… But I think he is a special player, for sure,” Wilson said.

“I don’t know how serious it is us getting him or not. But I do know that obviously he can play some football. I think that’s the thing. I’ve developed a personal relationship with him, and not everybody is perfect. And I think that’s the reality, none of us are. So hopefully he gets to play football again,” Wilson added.

Potential Growth With Seattle Seahawks

When asked what he thought about Brown’s “falling out of favor” with his previous teams, Wilson said he has tried his best to learn more about Brown by talking with former teammates. A majority of them said Brown had a strong work ethic and always made sure he was prepared for each game.

Despite the drama surrounding Antonio Brown, Wilson claims that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, along with other veteran players on the team, can help Brown grow as a man.

“I think with Coach Carroll [and] the teammates we have… this is a place where [Brown can] grow a lot as a man… And I think that we’re going to continue to try to help anybody who walks in this locker room… That’s just part of our culture…,” Wilson told reporters.