Serena Williams Withdraws from US Open Due to Injury

Serena Williams Withdraws from US Open Due to Injury


The most recent developments in the world of tennis have continued to frustrate athletes and fans alike. Naomi Osaka withdrew from Rolland Garros due to issues with her mental health. Rafael Nadal stayed out of Wimbledon because of his decision to preserve his body for later seasons, citing issues making the switch from clay courts to grass courts.

Most recently, tennis superstar Serena Williams has announced that she won’t be playing in the US Open tournament due to an injury. Williams has a torn hamstring, which will keep her from competing in the last Grand Slam tournament of the year. Fans the world over are disappointed that Williams can’t participate, as she is one of the sport’s most explosively talented athletes.

Social Media Announcement

Williams announced her decision to withdraw from the event in light of her torn hamstring, which she had hoped to recover from in time for the competition. Her announcement went up in a social media post, explaining her disappointment at the outcome.

“After careful consideration and following the advice of my doctors and medical team, I have decided to withdraw from the US Open to allow my body to heal completely from a torn hamstring,” the storied athlete explains in the post.

Williams’ presence will be sorely missed from the competition. She has one of the best serves in the game and is undeniably strong on both hard courts and grass courts. Even as new generations of athletes have joined competitions, Williams’ technique and knowledge have allowed her to not just keep up, but to excel, even as she approaches 40.

The Injury

Williams incurred the injury during the first round of Wimbledon. Replays of the match show Williams’ left shoe appearing to lose traction on the court for a moment while she went for a forehand swat. As a result of her missed footing, her right leg is seen to bend at an awkward angle, which caused the injury. Williams, ever the competitor, tried to play through it, only to cede the court shortly after due to the pain from the injury.

Big-Name Departures

Williams is far from the only big name that won’t be appearing on the match cards during the US Open. She joins fellow superstar players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in skipping out of the event, though Williams’ decision was hardly her preferred outcome. Williams was injured back in June during the first round of the Wimbledon competition, though she had hoped to be well enough to compete in time for the open.

The departure of Federer and Nadal from the tournament, as well as Williams’ injury, means that this will be the first major tournament in almost 24 years in which none of the three superstar athletes will be present. Federer and Nadal are each so prolific that they are tied for the highest number of men’s Grand Slam victories at 20 apiece.

Williams, who has been playing since 1998, has an astonishing 23 Grand Slam wins, the most in tennis history and, naturally, the most wins for a female tennis player.