Skip the Gym, Not the Workout – Tips for Getting Fit at Home

Skip the Gym, Not the Workout – Tips for Getting Fit at Home


We hear you. Sometimes, especially when it’s raining cats and dogs or temperatures fall below tolerable, going to the gym just isn’t happening.
Don’t skip your workout. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by abandoning your exercise routine. And if you don’t think it’s possible to get a great workout at home, think again.

Not a gym-goer? Don’t already have a routine? No problem. You, too, can get a fantastic workout right there in the privacy of your own home.

Try these tips:

No Equipment? No Problem

There are plenty of workouts you can do using your own body alone. From pushups and squats to yoga, there are plenty of exercises you don’t need gear to do. Here’s are some great examples. If you really want to get those reps in, there are plenty of household items you can substitute for weights.

Utilize Your Space

Walls, counters, stairs – use these to your advantage! Strengthen your lower body by doing squats against a wall, or get an aerobic workout from the stairs.

Minimize Distractions

Kids, pets, mobile devices – find a way to free your workout space of these distractions. And, unless you’re using a workout app, put your phone away.

Check Out Online Workout Videos

Need some guidance? There are lots of options for online workout videos, even free ones. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Fitness Blender.

Pump Up the Jams!

You probably already know the positive, motivational benefits of working out to music. So, blast your favorite music. At home, you won’t even need headphones.

Make it a Game

There are tons of great games out there designed to help you get in shape. If you have access to a gaming console, check out titles like Zumba Fitness Core, Just Dance, and Your Shape.