Super Bowl LV: Rams Rallied Late To Best Bengals’ Playoff Formula

Super Bowl LV: Rams Rallied Late To Best Bengals’ Playoff Formula


The Los Angeles Rams were in trouble in the third quarter of Super Bowl LV. Odell Beckham Jr. left the game with a knee injury, shocking Rams fans and giving the Bengals hope that their first season championship was within reach. 

However, the Rams aren’t just “Odell and Friends.” Some of the best players in the NFL are on the LA bench, including Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp, who both showed off some late-game heroics to turn things around. In the end, the Rams posted 23 points against the Bengals’ 20 to win the Super Bowl.

Defensive Powerhouses

Both teams posted impressive defensive performances throughout the game. The Bengals’ offense looked strong out of the gate, sidestepping the Rams drive after drive to get into striking distance for field goals. This strategy, chipping away at opponents one drive at a time, propelled the Bengals throughout the post-season and into the Super Bowl.

However, the story was reversed for the Rams, who struggled to break past the Bengals’ defense throughout the early portion of the game. 

Late-Game Heroics

In the end, the Rams pushed through a last-minute touchdown when quarterback Matthew Stafford made a quick one-yard pass to Cooper Kupp, the lightning-fast Rams wide receiver. With barely over a minute on the clock, Kupp managed to push through for a touchdown to cap a 79-yard drive, with some help from the Bengals’ self-inflicted penalties.

Some football fans decried the series of ref calls late in the game, accusing the NFL of favoritism. One thing was clear, though–the Rams wanted the Lombardi Trophy more than their opponents, and their performance on the field reflected that.

Players Weigh in on Super Bowl Victory

The Rams’ defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, told reporters “You got to be relentless. You want something bad enough you’ve got to go get it. You know it was right in front of us … all offseason you work, you train, you got camp, you got a long season just for this one game. You know we the last team standing.”

Stafford, meanwhile, took time to thank the Rams’ head coach, Sean McVay, and his teammate, Kupp, for their roles in the team’s final touchdown of the season. “That’s hard work, that’s hours together,” Stafford noted. “I just thank coach (Sean McVay) for putting it … ‘Hey, Matthew, you and Coop go get this thing done.’ He kept calling plays for him, kept finding ways to get him the ball. He made unbelievable plays; that’s what he does.”