The Most Memorable MLB Throwback Jerseys in History

Major League Baseball has a devoted fan base. It has been around for so long that many times have cycled through dozens of different uniform designs. And even if old designs are simply a treasure of the past, the memories and feelings attached to them are still engraved in the hearts of fans.

Let’s take a look at some noteworthy MLB throwback uniforms based on their colors, designs and uniqueness.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Pinstripe Throwback (1977-1979)

The black and yellow bumblebee look was loved by baseball fans and still looked back on with fondness. Pittsburgh only used the design for three seasons during its initial run, and was later revived for the 1986 season. You might be able to recall the white pullover with “Pirates” in black lettering across the chest.

Baltimore Orioles: White Vest Throwback (1968-1969)

In a class of its own are these all-white jerseys with “Baltimore” written across the chest. “Simple is better” seems to be the approach to this design and why fans couldn’t get enough of it. It was brought back to revive interest in the team after the Orioles’ tumultuous 2018 season.

San Francisco Giants: White Throwback (1983)

If nothing else could be said about the Giants’ uniforms in 1983, it’s that they were loud. The jerseys were discontinued around the turn of the 21st century, but baseball fans have not forgotten this simple design with “Giants” written in capital letters.

St. Louis Cardinals: Baby Blue Throwback (Early 1980s)

If you ever make a remark about a baby blue uniform to any longtime baseball fan, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. The baby blues of the St. Louis uniforms have a special place in the hearts of their supporters. They were designed as a complete aesthetic overhaul of the Cardinals’ previous look, and a way to show the public that they were coming back with a bang.

Seattle Mariners: Trident Throwback (1977)

Seattle’s unique and simple jerseys can bring back the wind of the 1970s. Their looks are distinct and the accessories that come along with it make for a perfect combination to make the Mariners stand out.